I have been seeing a lot of posts about how caitlin is a more developed character than iris (which is crazy to say after two eps but ok…) or how we know more about caitlin than iris and I’m just really confused by this opinion….

Things we know about Caitlin
• she’s a scientist
• her fiancé died and she’s been really sad about it
• she seems to be the grounded caretaker of team flash
• she worked for professor wells before this flash stuff started

Things we know about Iris
• She’s a college student majoring in criminal law(?) I believe
• she wanted to be a cop but her dad wouldn’t let her
• she didn’t seem to be very interested in journalism until the flash piqued her interest
• she’s generally a happy person
• she’s dating her dad’s partner
• barry is her best friend and has been for a long time
• she seems to be a believer like barry and if not like barry then maybe a medium between barry and Joe

Now people people can feel free to add things I’ve missed but I’m not really seeing how caitlin is super developed compared to iris, so if people are gonna use development (which I repeat I think is crazy since only two episodes have aired) as a reason as to why they prefer caitlin to iris that doesn’t make much sense…


okay but i get a lot of feelings from henry screaming bash’s name. i mean his mother is right there, but he still runs to bash



LISTEN i will ship whatever i want and i will keep making everything about my otp even if it originally had nothing to do with my otp. i don’t care. i can ship cersei lannister and castiel and write a hundred headcanons based on all the canon material i dont have. i can make her say im a lioness and make castiel wearing a lion costume reply im gonna be ur lion babe and then make them kiss and kill a dude all the while rawring like lions. this is me trying to ship my otp and have fun!! unless u wanna join me and have fun together this is none of ur business!!! why do u need to ruin fandom experiences for others?? since when do u get to decide what people are allowed to like?? what the fuck is this thought police 



Jackson pays a visit to Beacon Hills

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okay but why aren't people allowed to watch for stiles and derek? obviously that's a ship that means a lot to a lot of people (even if posey or other people don't understand why). i mean if someone's not not connecting w/ the other characters/ships, why can't they watch for the one thing that's catching their attention and makes them feel things (even if it is a small part of the show)? i'm sure there are people who watch a show(not just teen wolf) for one character or ship.


i for example watch some of shows which have gotten bad (take tvd & delena) for a certain character or a ship.

but this is not what this is about. yeah tyler basically said if you only watch teen wolf only for sterek, then you’re watching for wrong reasons. no, it wasn’t the nicest way to put it but i kinda agree with him here.

i WAS a hardcore shipper for the first two seasons, but this fandom … jesus christ…  it’s one thing to watch teen wolf only for a ship, but it’s a completely another story to only focus on that ship & to twist any little stiles and derek scene into a sterek one. i don’t want to be rude: but not everything is about sterek.

it’s a big deal to completely dismiss the protagonist of the storyline: scott. at nearly every con there are basically several questions about sterek, thousands of harassing tweets to jeff davis, to make sterek happen. but there’s other stuff going on, other characters and storylines which need to be noticed, which SHOULD be noticed, because they’re important too. jeff davis himself pushes derek/stiles through queerbaiting, there’s always a huge spot on tyler & dylan (i don’t complain) while others get swept under the rug *cough* keahu *cough*

there’s so much scott hate in the sterek fandom. i’ve seen shippers actively hate on tyler posey or any effort of that he’s making, as an actor or as his character on the show. in 9 of 10 interviews sterek questions will top questions about ‘scott’ who is still the heart of the show. tyler has been constantly shoved aside and now he finally snapped and said he doesn’t like the ship. so what. i can’t blame him. that doesn’t make him homophobic (like the fandom tends to call him), i mean he encourages the idea of isaac&scott. he doesn’t get the appeal of the ship, i do but others don’t. that’s his opinion. holland also said: ‘uh i don’t get it’ and that’s fine.

what really bothers me is the hatred in this fandom, martinski hate, massive hate for any love interest stiles or derek could have. (damn i felt so sorry for haley webb in the beginning. ) i’ve seen so many boycotts of the fandom to stop watching, if derek and stiles don’t become endgame. yes, it’s fine to watch teen wolf only for sterek. but THIS is the wrong attitude. 

this became longer than intended, but i needed to get this off my chest. once & for all.

okay but what are the right reasons to watch teen wolf? i mean jeff writing to me is pretty hit or miss sometime so… 

idk i just feel like people make the sterek fandom and the way they act more special than it is. the stuff you described happens in pretty much every fandom where there’s a massively popular ship (does it make it right? no but it happens). yes martinski and dennifer get hated on, but sterek gets hated on too. and so does scallison and allisac. opposing ships get hated on by shippers, i doubt there’s a ship on any show that doesn’t get some degree of hate. yes it’s on a larger scale for ships opposing sterek bc sterek is such a popular ship, but this is nothing brand new in fandom.

as for scott/tyler being pushed aside, i feel bad for posey i really do bc i love him and it must suck to be the protagonist of this show and have people ignore his character. but people like what they like and they shouldn’t have to force themselves to like what they don’t and get shamed or called racists for liking what they do (which this fandom tends to do). for whatever reason scott isn’t a character that connects across the board. this isn’t something specific to sterek shippers. my brother knows absolutely nothing of fandom and he’d hate sterek for sure, but him and his friends freaking love stiles and think he’s the best thing about the show (they don’t really care for scott at all). having a protagonist/lead who isn’t adored by the fans is nothing new. there are plenty of people who either don’t watch a show for the protagonist or like them. look at tvd (people wold throw elena out for more bonnie/caroline in a second and i’m sure paul/stefan fans resent the fact that damon/ian gets more love than stefan/paul), arrow (laurel/katie is supposed to be the leading lady and she’s basically being replaced by felicity/emily) and dawson’s creek (dawson seems to be universally hated). 

and i can’t really speak on sterek shippers hating on posey (scott hate: yes. posey hate: no) bc i don’t see it at all from people, but it goes w/o saying that it’s beyond shitty to hate on a actor for something as stupid as what they ship or don’t or the character they play.

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marcel’s laugh after he stabbed the mayor in the neck though…


— and i read about the afterlife, but i never really lived